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NFT Portfolio (coming soon ...)

For the last 12 years I have traveled all over the West, over 22 western culture countries,

Capturing the Essence of Nature and Urban Life...

Now, I'll be launching all mi 12 years of work/portfolio as NFTs,

It will take a long time, but, ...

all my Photographs will be protected online for eternity hahaha

· o ·
Eastern Europe · Northern Europe · Southern Europe
Austral America · South America · Central America · North America
& The far far West, Oceania Hahaha!


· here is a small preview ·

Photo montaje - 5 Avenida - Metro Caos -

Fine-Art Photography

· I expose the hidden worlds that envelop and transform

the Western Cities ·

Urban Photography

· The city speaks to me, I speak its language,

and together we create magnificent scenes

captured by the camera ·

Life Photography

· A path of discovery trying to honor

the beauty of nature ·

Landscape Photography

· A Sensitive Connexion with Nature. I feel and breathe the emotions and the visual rhythm

of a natural environment ·


Conceptual Photography

· Hidden worlds inhabit the light that surrounds us ·

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